Exercise for life!

Workout online in the comfort, convenience and safety of your own home with Alex Schonfield (certified virtual personal trainer)

Experience the ease of exercise with virtual live one-on-one personal training  in real time. Perfect for : telecommuters, busy professionals, travelers, at home fitness, apartment gyms or hotel facilities. 

No gym dues, no crowds, no waiting for machines, no wasted travel time, no peer pressure - NO EXCUSES!


"I have worked with Alex for over 5 years and reached my target weight, with weight loss of over 65 pounds.  Alex was instrumental in helping me reach my goal through fitness and diet, and making permanent life style changes. He has the highest standards when it comes to loyalty, reliability, and professionalism. He is demanding, but gentle and genuinely cares about his clients." 



"To sum up my feelings about Alex in a word, I would say “trustworthy”! How does this relate to him as a personal trainer you might ask? I’ll name a few reasons. First, he delivers what he promises, second he is a reliable money manager, and third he is results oriented. If you’re like me, you thoroughly research all products before you buy them. So as part of my research in deciding whether or not to train with Alex, I read all components of his website: testimonials, workout video, photo gallery, power of exercise, reasons to train, studios, biography, and contact. Then I made the decision to try one session with him. Based on that initial workout session, I knew that Alex would deliver what he promised, a motivational, inspired, safe and energetic workout. He continues to provide this caliber of workout with each training session. Delivers what was promised - Trustworthy #1" .... 

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The key to reaching your fitness goals is consistency and consistency comes with ease of access. Exercise in your favorite space with the tools you have on hand to create a personalized effective, efficient, and fun workout! We'll collaborate to create a unique and tailored workout with the intensity level that's right for you, using any equipment that's available - home gyms, apartment gyms, hotel gyms, swimming pools, outdoor spaces, hand held weights, etc. The key to a good workout is to be creative. Even if you don’t have standard exercise equipment there are many other options. Your body weight, cans of food, bags of food, water bottles, stones, bricks, logs; anything that can be held and has weight can be used. Stairs, chairs, beds, tables, and benches can also be incorporated. You don’t need a lot of space, just enough to move around a bit (about 3 feet).

Whether you are interested in weight loss, overall fitness, bodybuilding, or stress reduction, having a regular appointment with your certified personal trainer is the best way to ensure that you safely exercise -- for life. 

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